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Pastor preaching with microphone


Sundays at 10:00 am

Request Livestream.

The pattern of worship established by the New Testament for the Church, the bride of Christ, is local bodies of believers gathering together to sit under the teaching of God’s Word. To be in fellowship, to break bread together, and to devote themselves to prayer (Acts 2:42). In addition, the Greek word for church, ekklēsia, in the New Testament refers to Christian “assemblies” or “congregations” who had become followers of Christ. This is why “online church” is not a substitute for gathering in-person. Although a church is MORE than just a weekly gathering, it is also no less than a gathering. It is a gathering, an assembly of believers, an outpost, that makes visible the invisible Kingdom of God that has come and will one day spread throughout the whole earth.

If you are unable to attend Westlynn Baptist Church due to illness, being out of the country for work, vacation, or for some other reason that makes you unable to be present in the sanctuary/fellowship hall at the times of worship, kindly fill out our request form to be given the livestream link. Our livestream is a tool that is meant to support those who are unable to attend through no fault of their own. It is not meant to facilitate or encourage a pattern of not gathering for worship.


The new link will only be updated 30 min before the service on the day. For technical support, please email us.

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