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Children's Ministry

Ages 6-11 - Sundays during sermon

Ages 0-5 - Sundays at service start

We follow a curriculum that gives the children an overview of the entire Bible in 3 years. The aim is to help them learn about and obey God’s Word in an age-appropriate manner.


We meet in the basement of the church, every Sunday during the sermon time, except on the first Sunday of each month when everyone is encouraged to be in service to worship and observe communion together. At Children's Ministry, we teach the Bible using material that the Elders have approved. We currently use the Generations of Grace Curriculum.


The Bible passage is read and then explained in historical context as well as in redemptive history. There are activities, games and illustrations to help kids remember the main points. These are all specially developed not only to be fun and educational but also biblically correct. We understand that even with the drawings that the kids colour, care has be taken by the curriculum developers to ensure biblical and historical accuracy.


While accurate knowledge is an important aspect of understanding the Bible, application and obedience is also emphasized as our teachers discuss and help children work through these issues with real life examples and through prayer for needs.


We are clear that discipling children is the responsibility of their parents. Hence we also work with the family by providing downloadable guides for Family Devotions based on what the child has learned on Sunday. Many of us are parents ourselves and have done these devotions with our families and have found them to be beneficial both to the parents and the child(ren) as they cater to various age groups that may exist in your family.


We also collaborate with families to help them prepare their children for the two important projects that we do – the Christmas Eve Nativity Service and Easter Scripture reading.


It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit would use all these and other experiences in the lives of our children to develop godly men and women of Westlynn.

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It is with a correct understanding of the Word and also a living faith with our Creator that we can not only share the Word with the children but also model it through our own lives and experiences. The goal is not the mere imparting of knowledge but its application in our lives and that of the children and ultimately the bearing of the fruit of the Spirit and Christ-likeness in our lives.


Our teachers and helpers are committed Christians who each have a living faith in our Lord Jesus and who want to grow in their faith by serving the Lord. Preparing the lesson involves first doing an in depth study of the passage. The curriculum that we follow provides an excellent study guide as well as 10 minute teaching videos to help us first understand the passage and its context in redemptive history as well as comprehend how it is ultimately fulfilled by or in Christ. In addition the helpful analogies and illustrations are also shared. Many of our teachers through preparing for the lessons actually learn more about the Bible and our amazing God.


Teachers commit to serve a one to two year term teaching approximately once a month from Sep-Jun first as a Helper and then as a Teacher who not only teaches the children but also helps to mentor the Helper.


Our Planning Center Registration module allows the teachers to view the class list of names to allow them to remember the children’s names but also to pray for and care for each of them.


The Current Ministry Leads have served in this position since 2016 (Acts242) and then from 2019 (Westlynn) and are looking to mentor our replacements over the next few years who will have to be approved by the Elders. We also provide administrative support to all our teachers and helpers in the ministry.

If you have a passion for Lord and have a desire to understand and clearly explain the Word of God simply to anyone but in particular to children, are willing to undergo training, a criminal record check and an interview, we would like to work with you to help develop your skills and passions to serve the Lord better. Please contact Damian for more info.

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