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ESL Classes

No classes from March to July 2024

Thursdays, 6:30 pm

The ESL Conversation Club of Westlynn Baptist Church seeks to honour our Lord Jesus by being a blessing to newcomers, refugees, and immigrants; Offering a warm and welcoming environment where they can learn and practice English. Our aim is to help our students adjust more quickly to life in their new home and to prepare them for a great future by focusing on improving their English language skills.

Our lessons are topical and do not require a curriculum, so a student can join in at any time of the year. Our lessons are taught fully in English which will require some knowledge of the English language to get the  most out of the class. Most of our students are Novice-High to Intermediate-Low (ACTFL) level English language speakers.

A typical lesson would be the following plan:

  • Introduction: A brief introduction of the night's topic from the Bible. (5 minutes)

  • Grammar/New Vocabulary: A presentation of the topic's grammar or new vocabulary. (20 minutes)

  • Practice: The bulk of every lesson is practicing grammar and new vocabulary. This is done by a variety of methods such as discussion, small group activities,  block stories, songs, debates, etc. (1 hour)

  • Idioms: A fun way to close each lesson by discussing a couple of idioms related to the night's topic. (5 minutes)

Our primary teacher is Scott, with almost 20 years’ experience teaching ESL all over the world. He has received many certifications in ESL teaching. Other volunteers from our church would also assist on occasion. You can find out more about our ESL Conversation Club by texting Scott at 672.999.2422, or by joining our Telegram Group, or by using the QR code below. Those who would like to join the ESL Conversation Club are required to join the Telegram group in order to receive the latest information in schedule changes or cancellations.

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